Buy Pallets in Orlando, FL

Get new, used and custom wood pallets for your Orlando business so you can ship your products safely and quickly.




It's hard to ship your products on time without the right pallets.

Your products have been inspected and packed, your trucks are gassed up, and your customers are waiting...

But without pallets, your shipment isn't going anywhere.

That's where we come in.
We help warehouse and operations managers get the pallets they need to ship their products safely and quickly, without the headaches that typically come with managing their pallet supply.

No matter what industry you're in, if you need pallets in Orlando we've got you covered!

New Wood Pallets

Built exactly to your specifications and guaranteed to have the strength to support your load. Softwood or hardwood, 2-way or 4-way, stringer or block. No problem!

Recycled Wood Pallets

Can be used again and again. They may have a few cosmetic defects, but are still structurally sound. You'll save up to 50% over brand new pallets.

Custom Wood Pallets

Built to any shape and size, and built right! Whether you're storing or shipping kitchen cabinets, flat screen TVs, chemical drums, heavy equipment or other bulky, odd-sized items - we've got you covered!

We make sure you're always ready to ship. No hassles, no games.

Hassles suck. We hate them, and are pretty sure you do too.

If you’ve been shipping with pallets for any length of time, chances are you’ve had to suffer through pallet suppliers that provide poor quality pallets, deliver late, don’t return your phone calls or emails, or increase prices without explanation.

You don't have time to deal with headaches like that.

Everything we do is aimed at making sure you’re stocked with pallets and ready to respond to anything your customer needs - whether it’s their regular order or a huge last-minute request.

Prompt Communication

All calls and emails are returned the same day. You have better things to do than waste time chasing us for information.

Lower Minimum Order

Why pay more for or take up valuable floor space with pallets you don’t need?

On Time Delivery

Pallets are no good to you if they’re not delivered on time. We work with you to learn your business and ensure you ALWAYS have enough pallets in your warehouse when it’s time to send an order out.

We even have a 100% Happiness Guarantee

Our #1 priority at The Pallet Pro is your happiness, which means we stand by our pallets 100%. No matter what. No excuses, no compromises.

If you get a pallet you’re not happy with, put it aside, let us know, and we’ll either credit you or replace it the next time we visit.

If you have a problem, we’ll solve it – whatever it takes. Just reach out to us, we’re here for you. Happiness. Guaranteed.

Get pallets for your Orlando warehouse and keep your products moving.


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Ship Safely & Quickly

When you have the right pallets on hand, you can ship on time – making you, your customers and your boss happy.

Avoid lost operating time, unnecessary costs from 
rush pallet orders and unhappy customers. 

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