Get the pallets you need to ship your products safely and quickly.

Buy new, used and custom wood pallets in Orlando, FL.




You can't afford
to run out of pallets.

Your products have been inspected and packed, your trucks are gassed up, and your customers are waiting...

But when you run out of pallets?

It's a HUGE pain.
You've got better things to do than spend time calling around frantically looking for pallets, just so you can get the next round of shipments out.

Oh, and don't forget about how upset your customers will be when their order is delayed.

Don't worry though, we can help!

We've got the pallets you need to keep your products moving.

Buy new wood pallets in Orlando, FL

New Wood Pallets

Built exactly to your specifications and guaranteed to have the strength to support your products. Softwood or hardwood, 2-way or 4-way, stringer or block. No problem!
Used wood pallets stacked up at an Orlando warehouse

Recycled Wood Pallets

Can be used again and again. They may have a few cosmetic defects but are still structurally sound. You'll save up to 70% over brand new pallets.

Custom-built wood pallets stacked outside a cabinet distributor in Orlando, FL

Custom Wood Pallets

Built to any size or configuration and built right! Whether you're shipping  kitchen cabinets, TVs, chemical drums, heavy equipment or other bulky odd-sized items, we've got you covered!

Stack of heat treated pallets for export

Heat Treated Pallets for Export

Shipping products internationally? We can provide new and used heat treated pallets, including block-type pallets, euro pallets, skid tops, as well as standard 48x40 pallets which have been heat treated and certified ISPM 15 compliant for export use.

Wouldn't it be great if you were always ready to ship?

Let's face it - pallets are just a tool, a means to an end.

What you really want is to be able to ship your products safely and quickly.

That means having the right pallets to carry your product, in the quantities you need, available in your warehouse when you need them.

Simple, right?

Awesome! We can help with that.
We offer money saving options.
Instead of just taking your order, we work with you to find out what you really need (vs. what you're used to ordering), and hopefully save you some money at the same time.
We communicate promptly.
You won’t ever have to waste time chasing us for information. We call, text and email to give you updates on your order and follow up after delivery to make sure you’re happy.
We help stay on top of your pallet supply.
Most pallet suppliers just sit back and wait for you to place an order. Not us. We check in with you regularly to make sure you’re not running low on pallets. 
"Great customer service! Helped us out of a bind when others couldn't. Would highly recommend to anyone needing timely and routine deliveries"

- Kathryn M., Office Manager

3 easy steps to shipping safely and quickly.


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We even have a 100% Happiness Guarantee

Bottom line: You shouldn't have to pay for pallets you can't use.

If you get a pallet you’re not happy with, put it aside, let us know, and we’ll either credit you or replace it the next time we visit.

Also, if you have a problem, we’ll bend over backwards to solve it. Just reach out to us, we’re here for you. Happiness. Guaranteed.

Avoid missing a shipment because you don't have pallets!

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