Pallet Services

Whether you need pallets to ship your products or have stacks of unwanted pallets you want to get rid of, we can help!
Stack of money on a pallet

We Buy Pallets

We're always looking for new supplies of pallets to maintain our customers' supply chain. If you have 100 or more pallets that are in good shape (or 25 larger, odd-sized pallets), we'd love to chat about buying them from you. We pay a fair market price and are interested in ALL sizes, not just 48x40's.
Stacks of old pallets for haul off

Pallet Removal and Disposal Services

Got a stack (or more) of unwanted pallets clogging up your dock or parking lot? We can help you clear
it out and KEEP it clean, all while staying environmentally friendly. By the way, our way is MUCH cheaper than throwing pallets in a dumpster.
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